Paver Repair Dayton Ohio
Brick patios, retaining walls, driveway paver installations and repair

Has winter, weather or sun ravaged your once beautiful paver patios or walkways? Are your brick pavers faded or sunken and is it impossible to keep all the weeds down? Let Yanton's outdoor living help restore your pavers. We've been installing, repairing, and refurbishing pavers for over 15 years. Pavers installed correctly can last for many years and pavers installed incorrectly can be a costly and astetic nightmare (and even detract from the property value!)

Why PAVERS in the first place?
There are lots of benefits to pavers as opposed to concrete - if the pavers are installed by a professional. It is far easier to spot repair paver patios versus concrete or asphalt. 

There are many reasons that your pavers may need a face lift; from bad installation to just mother nature taking her toll. In most cases these issues can be corrected for a fraction of the cost of a total replacement, and sometimes we've been told after a paver rehab that they look better than the day they were intalled. Call us! 

Common paver problems and solutions

WEEDS!! - The pavers and joints can be pressure washed. And we can install polymeric sand, which hardens in the joints and is weed and insect resistant (for 3-5 years). Weeds will return after dust and dirt in the air begin to accumulate back into the paver joints, at which time a joint stablizer can be applied to block them again for another 3-5 years.

FADING - It is possible to enhance the apperance and bring back some of the color and definition. We use sealers to add different finishes, from matte to high gloss (if you like the wet look). Sealing pavers is not like sealing a wooden deck!  When the sealer wears off (usually 3-5 years) no one will notice that your pavers need sealed again. The pavers revert back to a natural finish look. You might notice that they arent as vivid as before.

SUNKEN or SEPARATED PAVERS - We can fix all sorts of dips, sunken edges, raised pavers, separations and more. 

We put a guarantee on all of our repairs.


We give free estimates for paver repair so give us a call today, and find out what we can do for you.




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Yanton’s Outdoor Living, LLC 
Owner: Chris Yancey

3991 Shakertown Road, Beavercreek, OH 45430

Phone: 937.426.9656
Fax: 937.429.9659

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