Water Features Add To Outdoor Living Space

Posted on 7/17/2012 by DNN Support

Have you been thinking about adding a little something “extra” to your outdoor space? Not only does Yanton’s Outdoor Living do great landscaping, pavers and natural stone work, but we are also skilled at turning your space into a focal point. What better way to do this than by adding a water feature?


Adding a water feature to your outdoor landscape can add an element of tranquility.  Water features can be as simple as a rock bubbler or as complex as a natural stone creek bed or waterfall.  Some are labor intensive and require installing a below-ground pool and plumbing, while others are very simple and can be placed on your patio or deck. The great thing about adding a water piece is that you can add it to what’s already in place or you can build your space around it.  You can use almost any type of material, which allows you to blend in the piece with your existing area or, if you already have the patio of your dreams, allow it to stand out and be an eye catching center piece.   

We have done many water features for our clients and would love to add the relaxing sound of water to your outdoor oasis.  Contact us today to set up your complementary estimate and turn your yard into a little slice of paradise.   

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