Start Your Fall Plantings Soon

Posted on 8/28/2012 by DNN Support

Did you know that fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs? Most landscapers and veteran gardeners will tell you that the best time of the year to plant trees, shrubs, grasses and bulbs is during the autumn months of September through November.


In the fall, dormant deciduous trees suffer less transplant shock and take root quicker because of higher levels of moisture in the soil. Trees established over the winter months withstand spring rains and hot dry summer conditions better than those planted in the early spring.

Shrubs planted in autumn months continue to establish and develop new roots until the ground reaches a very cold 40 degrees below zero.  Even in very cold climates, the deep soil seldom reaches these temperatures.  A landscape shrub planted in the fall becomes dormant above ground, but the root system continues to mature, which results in a robust, healthy plant in time for spring leaf and flower growth.

Cool season grasses make ideal landscape plants for fall planting. These types of ornamental grasses appreciate early fall planting to get a jump on the growing season. After planting, the above ground growth might not be optimum but this gives the roots plenty of time to become well established. Planting cool-season grasses in the early fall will result in strong, fast growing plants in the spring. Winterize ornamental grasses by applying mulch around the plants after the first hard freeze. Help guard against winter wind damage by planting grasses in protected areas adjacent to structures like your home, garage or garden shed.

Resist the urge to plant bulbs while the weather is still warm. Early fall planting will result in premature sprouting and no blooms in the spring. If bulbs are purchased early, be sure to keep them in a cool dry place (a basement or even the refrigerator) until planting time. Planting on or near the first frost date will help ensure a beautiful springtime garden.

Now that you know what to plant and when, why not have your landscaping professionals at Yanton’s Outdoor Living do the hard part for you?  We specialize in custom planting designs that will showcase your beautiful outdoor spaces!  Contact us at (937) 426-9656 to set up your complimentary design consultation and get your fall planting started on time.


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