Landscaping Plants That Love Heat!

Posted on 8/6/2012 by DNN Support

Are you looking for something to add to your flowerbeds that will survive the seasonal heat we experience here in Ohio?


While most of us are doing our best renditions of a rain dance, drought hardy plants may be appreciative of the less-than-wet summer we’ve had.  If you’re wondering what types of plants or flowers you can add to your beds that will actually survive the sweltering heat we’ve had this year, consider having us add these parched-loving plants approved for zones 5 and up to your yard: 

  • Adam’s Needle:  Adam's Needle is a slow-growing native evergreen shrub that will stay small, growing no more than about 3-feet-tall. In summer a tall, showy flower spike emerges from the center of the plant and displays prominently for several weeks. Yucca can be used as a foundation planting, specimen, ground cover or in a rock garden or border. This plant is considered mostly allergy free and causes little or no allergy problems in most people.
  • Orange Cosmos:  The "Cosmic Orange" variety of the cosmos flower, Cosmos sulphureus, grows double blooms with bright orange hues. The plant is hardy and grows even in poor soils. Cosmos requires full sun to reach maximum growth. The flower can grow in very high heat without wilting, and all varieties of cosmos attract butterflies. Cosmos makes a good container plant for even a beginning gardener.
  • Moss Rose:  Choose moss rose if you need a plant that flowers where it's hot and dry. This annual's flowers - bright reds, oranges, yellows, purples and pinks - glow atop green, succulent leaves. Moss rose grows 4- to 8-inches tall and spreads up to two feet, making it a great groundcover.
  • California Fuchsia:  The California fuchsia is a showy perennial shrub that grows one to two feet high with upright stems. It has gray-green foliage and bright orange-red tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds. This shrub is a native to California and is drought tolerant.

What’s the best part about all of these plants, other than the lower water bill, you ask?  It’s that your local landscaping professional, Yanton’s Outdoor Living, can spruce up your beds and make drought-tolerant plants a focal point for you to enjoy…  even on the hottest of days!  Call us today to get your outside space looking beautiful.  And remember: “If You Can Dream It, We Can Achieve It!”   

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