Improve Your Short Game In Your Own Backyard

Posted on 8/28/2012 by DNN Support

Have you ever wanted to improve your putting score, but just don’t have the time, or money, to go to the golf course every time you want to play? Do you have a future Tiger Woods in the making? Get off the couch and onto the green with a private putting green installed in your own backyard!


Backyard putting greens have been around for decades.  Years ago, personal putting greens were seen as a luxury to only the super-rich.  For the last few years, however, the prices of these private golf courses have come down and are now affordable to many, instead of just the elite. 

A private putting green has one simple function, which is to provide a realistic replica of most putting greens. It works just like any other backyard practice device:  it helps to improve your game and gives you a place to get in those all-important repetitions, which is something even the best athletes need to progress at their sport.

A backyard putting green can have several features, but the main ones include a turf or putting surface that is designed just like the major golf course greens--to hold shots that come from hundreds of yards away.  They can also feature tee boxes, single to several holes, bunkers and some even have landscaped retaining walls.  By using synthetic materials, you can decrease the cost, maintenance and wear, as well as increase the life of your putting green. 

Let Yanton’s Outdoor Living install your own backyard putting green to improve your short game and get a leg up on the competition.  You have the leisure to play whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about tipping your caddy!   

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